The Mount Comfort family has a wide array of ministries designed to meet the needs of our family and our guests alike. In all things we seek to honor, lift up, and praise the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, our Savior, our Redeemer.

Youth (Teens)
Deacons: Matthew Morningstar, Kenneth Wilcox
Elders: Travis Horne, Mark Mahaffey, Rich Leonard

Razorbacks For Christ (RFC)
Deacons: David Gretzmier, Michael Scott
Elders: Joe Foshe, Rich Leonard

Buildings and Grounds Deacons
Chris King, Steve Packard, Craig Elkins, Rory Grams
Elders: Mark Mahaffey, Huston Givens, Victor Proffitt

Office, Finances, Budget and Staff
Deacons: Danny Hudson, Maynard Anderson, Stephen Davis
Elders: Huston Givens, Mark Mahaffey, Al Morningstar

Deacons: Anthony Foster
Elders: Victor Proffitt, Ken Smith

Director: Tom Luetkemeyer
Drivers: Robert Zachry, Clint Elam, Jeff Sorrells

Technology & Communications
Deacons: Les Nelson, Michael Scott, Justin Shipp
Staff: Teresa West
Elders: Al Morningstar, Anthony Spencer, Clarence Wiles

Deacons: Philip Gilbey
Elders: Clarence Wiles, Travis Horne, Ken Smith

Adult Education
Deacon: Butch Dulaney
Elder: Ken Smith

Children Education and Programs
Deacons: Andrew Chance
Elders: Travis Horne, Mike Huddleson, Paul Dougan

Mens Ministry/Ladies Ministry
Deacons: Harold Early, Drew McKinnon
Elders: Joe Foshe, Ken Smith

Deacons: Maynard Anderson
Elders: Clarence Wiles, Victor Proffitt

Marriage Involvement (Seminars and Classes)
Deacons: Harold Early
Elders: Anthony Spencer, Mike Huddleston

Community (LifeGroups)
Deacon: Will Schuhknecht
Elders: Mike Huddleston, Rich Leonard

New Members/Visitors
Deacons: All Deacons
Elders: All Elders

Justin Cullers, Robert Zachry, Don Wales
Elders: Joe Foshe, Paul Dougan

Congregational Benevolence
Deacons: Curtis Stewart, Brett Winkle
Elders: Huston Givens, Mark Mahaffey

Foreign Missions
Deacons: David Gretzmier, Stephen Davis
Elders: Joe Foshe, Ken Smith

Local Missions
Deacons: Drew McKinnon
Elders: Ken Smith, Al Morningstar

Farmington House
Deacons: Maynard Anderson, Andrew Chance
Elders: Huston Givens, Mark Mahaffey

Banford House
Deacons: Curtis Stewart, Brett Winkle
Elders: Huston Givens, Mark Mahaffey, Al Morningstar

Sonshine School
Deacons: Brett Winkle, Curtis Stewart
Director: Sally Lamb

Health Services
Deacons: Stephen Davis
Elders: Anthony Spencer, Victor Proffitt

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Ephesians 2:10